We are two sisters from a small town, living a middle class life but filled with joy and laughter. The younger one is currently living a fulfilled and happy life, with her husband and little daughter.

And the older one is still fighting for personal growth and success. All the time with new creative and innovative ideas.

We are totally different personalities, but we have something in common. Since we were little we wanted to help other people to find happiness in life.

But now is our time, we fight for personal success, fight for happiness and for our family.

For that reason we want to share our positivism and joy with you. Through our stories we want to tell you that you must fight for your life, happiness and uselessness.

Everyone of us should leave a footprint in the sands of time and know there was something that meant, something that you left behind. So, when you leave this world, you’ll leave no regrets but, you`ll leave something to remember, so no one will forget you.

Fight for your life, happiness and uselessness. Fight every day because one chance, that is all we get.

We only live once, remember that!

With love,

Life Full Joy Team