The term ” macrobiotics ” is derived from the Greek words macro (large) and biotokos (life). The macrobiotic diet is a diet which involves eating mainly different types of whole grains and legumes, and vegetables and then, bony fruits and vegetables.

 Macrobiotics is a specific diet that consists in avoiding overeating, as well as the basic chewing before swallowing. Macrobiotics to insist, as far as possible, natural foods that have not undergone major processing processes. As for food of animal origin concerned, macrobiotics avoid meat, and favors the consumption of fish.

The macrobiotic diet is dominated by healthy oils , many complex carbohydrates and fiber from vegetables and fruits, and as such is considered suitable for the prevention and treatment of digestive, cardiac and cancer diseases .

Macrobiotic diet pays great attention to not only the type of food, but also how they are grown, the method of preparation, and consumption. Preference is given to foods grown in bio-gardens fertilized with organic fertilizers and unsprayed. It is recommended that people use food that grows within 100 km of their place of residence to consume foods according to the season (watermelon in January – can).

Diet should be an individual, it is influenced by age, occupation, constitution and fitness. Mainly used for food of plant origin (cereals, legumes, vegetables and small amounts of seeds, fruits and algae) with a bit of fish and seafood. Instead of sugar, which today is known that the more venom than food, macrobiotics suggests the use of traditional sweeteners such as barley malt and rice and other cereal sweeteners. There is also the use of unrefined sea salt and oils of cold pressed unrefined. Small amounts of seaweed, which are extremely rich in minerals and trace elements, rounded nutritional value macrobiotic plate.

Avoiding meat, dairy products, eggs, white sugar, honey, pre-treated food, chemically treated plants, refined  foods, imported fruits and vegetables, and some pickled vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, potatoes and eggplant). They use various methods of preparation (pickles, fresh, steaming, water, stewing, frying in oil, pressure cooker, baking in the oven).

Macrobiotics is inserted, which offers a range of useful knowledge and skills that we acquire in order to:
• achieve good health
• create peace of mind and renew the body
• improve athletic performance
• keep their own peace, happiness and joy, and improved relations with others

The macrobiotic diet is only one aspect of a much broader concept called macrobiotics, which in addition to a special diet involves philosophy, method and style of life and understanding of the world and events in it as a perpetual interaction between two opposing forces called yin and yang.