There are countless procedures available to relax the human body. Most of them are useful for our health, but feel great at the meantime. The problem is that large portion of them require a lot of extra time, cash, and the help of a specialist.

Fortunately for you, we have found a simple strategy that will have a comparatively beneficial effect on your body without the expense of a typical massage.

The odds are you’ve felt the need, at some subconscious level, to occasionally rub the area between your eyebrows.

All things considered, it turns out your instincts weren’t deceiving you.

Massaging this area enhances your concentration, reduces tension, disposes of headaches, and relaxes your eyes (particularly if you’ve been sitting for quite a while in front of a computer). Practitioners of Chinese medicine are also convinced that massaging this point enhances a person’s forces of intuition.


What do you have to do?

Basically press lightly on the point between your eyebrows, and move your finger upwards for around 3 cm in a vertical line. Put pressure on this point for about 45 to 60 seconds. You won’t need to wait long for the result.

Experts explain that this method ’activates an area of the brain that, in turn, helps to reduce nervous tension. It also enhances the presence of the skin, particularly around the eyes and mouth, and helps with regenerative processes.’

So, if you’ve all of a sudden got a migraine, or your eyes are tired after a long day, you know what to do!