There is an old adage that says, “If people want to defeat you, it means that you are above them”. Nowadays, when everyone is obsessed with success, fame and power, morality and justice disappearing, fair play turns into an abstract noun, and stomping through corpses to reach the goal – need.

Vanity is part of every working day, and envy and jealousy can be seen from a kilometer away. The violence goes unpunished, and gullible people do not know what to do and how to behave.


When an honest way to work and work to overcome those ambitious and unscrupulous, they will become thirsty for revenge. We will try through various intrigues and gossip you down to their level and will constantly attack with ambiguous sentences. If you make this happen, you need to know only one thing: Ignorance is the best revenge .

“When a man is ignored, he wonders why this is so. If this feedback caused by obvious bad faith, there will be no peace ” , said psychologist Elizabeth Meyer.

It will prompt you around in his head, who will be your next move, why you act that way, if you have discovered their intention … Finally completely lost and to avenge myself. Revenge is never the right time. It is like a forest – it is easy to lose direction, wander and forget where they came from.

An old adage “All that is necessary to defeat evil is good for a man not assume anything” . It refers to the lack of response to others’ harm. When you do not react, but do nothing happened or that those people do not exist, evil people will not have any impact. You realize that everything done is in vain, and the more difficult it will fall to them they do not know or what you know or what you think and it will freak out. Because of this ignorance is the best revenge.


Smart people use revenge as a weapon for their own progress, but it has nothing to do with the lives of other people and intrigues. They are taking revenge in the following ways:

1. Talk through their works. Do not allow your emotions to manage your actions and don’t turn revenge into own thing. Because it will only feel worse. Commit to what you know to do best without gossip, intrigue and unnecessary conversations with those who do not deserve your attention.

2. Do not keep silent just to calm down. They should not be heard in the manipulators who make intrigues and are pleased to maintain peace and harmony around alleged. Rather, wise men with ambiguous sentences them know those people that know what they are and thus prove that they are not blind and can not repeat the same mistake without consequences.

3. Do not be isolated. Most people experience after attack by close person, usually resolve in isolation. But manipulators exactly what they want: To isolate you and pull you as you guilty.


4. Do not respond immediately to attack. To avoid label that reads “The attack is the best defense”, leave things at rest awhile. Moreover, when you annoy and show your anger, you will find your weaknesses and thus will feed the need of one who exactly wanted to accomplish.

5. Become more successful. The evil man there is nothing more painful than others happiness. That’s another reason why smart people become more successful when someone tried to pull  them to the bottom.

The worst you can do is to return that to the same extent. In that case you won’t be nothing better than that inflicted harm. Evil can not be repaired by evil. Do not wallow in the mud and others listen to your conscience and understanding.