The state of chronic stress leads to physical and emotional fatigue, alienation from others and a sense of inefficiency and inability to achieve the objectives.

Those who felt this on their skin would agree that it’s pretty bad feeling, but modern age offers us many other choices. Obvious symptoms include chronic fatigue, loss of motivation, anxiety or negativity. However, there are some small, hidden signs that can actually tell you that you are tired of all the developments. Here’s what you should pay attention.


1. Thinking about to leave everything and go far away. Tired of all that surrounds you in your everyday life and desperately looking for a way out of this situation. Want to go farther and leave behind all the things that you adversely.

2. You start forgetting things. Your mind is exhausted and can not stay focused on anything in a while, so starting to forget some things that still have some meaning for you.

3. Never once did not have so looked forward to Friday, holidays or a day off. Look forward to holiday for you to tear your thoughts and simply just relaxing in your comfortable position.

4. You start to make mistakes that would have done in normal circumstances. If you notice that some errors are not peculiar to you, it’s another sign that you are too tired. Some things just can not be kept under control.

5. Your colleagues began careful how you refer, and their attitude towards you changed. Care should be taken to recognize the negative vibes they send you, and for that you are not even aware of.

6. Ever have a bad feeling in your stomach and you can not get rid of it. Despite the mind, fatigue and feel your body. If you constantly feel discomfort in the stomach, it is an additional sign that something needs to change.


7. In the free time you do not want to talk about your work, even before you did that with persons nearby. Just do not want to mention anything that is related to your job, when you’re out of it. Do you want to talk about any developments because all you do creates a pleasant feeling.

8. You don’t plan your free time ¬†with others, but yourself. Every free moment you want to use in solitude, because you don’t ¬†have the desire or motivation to see with any other person. You think that it will only further take away your energy.

9. Stopped to keep track of your health. All practices previously considered healthy and endeavored to employ, now part of your past. Again starting to eat unhealthy, smoking more than ever, and increasingly forgetting to exercise and physical activity.

10. You have crazy dreams, often wake up in the middle of the night and you are aware of every detail of that dream. This is one of the main features that are exposed to great stress. Therefore, take action and change the way of life.