Have you ever given up on taking the next step in your career, just because you have imagined all the bad things that can get you out of the way? Whether you’re asking questions like “What if I fail?”

“What if people never appreciate me?” “What if I die before I become known / in my career?” Have you ever changed plans that eventually you thought you have a chance to realize just because you invaded negative thoughts?Have you ever prevented himself fully engage in a love affair, just because you felt that you are not good enough for that person? If this describes you, then it probably deep down there is a “thief” which is called fear.


Fear is the enemy comes to steal your lives in the middle of the day, while you are awake and just in the moments when you need to decide which is the key to your life.The fear is usually unwarranted, unrealistic and unnecessarily. Almost everyone in life faces him at times, but it will only downside. The fear can sometimes protect you from making the wrong decision. For some people, fear they move forward and attain the goal of which is feared. Fear of failure is pressing to achieve more and more.

But many fear keeps in standby. It stops you breathing in the moments when you most need oxygen. It makes you see the negative aspects of the situation and put them in the shade as positive. It exhausts your life. Very often fear you seem like a real and big and it is due to your subconscious. He does not exist anywhere else except in your mind. False things look like the real thing. And like everything else of which pay more attention, soon it will become your reality. Can you figure out why you should not do this? One thing fear “steal” from you is your motivation to continue forward and it prevents you to live the life that we truly want. Once you let it affect your decisions and choices never be able to come to the point of freedom where you live the life you want.Whenever you discover what could go wrong in your life, career or business affair before downloading the first step, because you will limit your happiness and personal fulfillment. Living in constant fear is like being dead. The worst thing that can happen to someone is to be dead while alive.


Fear keeps you on edge and makes you average person, even if you were born with too much capacity. He tells you that you can not reach anything even though you hide in excellent qualities. Fear tells you that you will not succeed in your intentions, even though you have all the necessary features to make it. It prevents re-fall in love, thinking that this partner will again do the same. But the reality is that the only one you shared your decision on the realization of your dreams. Fear is the enemy that prevents you from living life fully!

If you want your life to be filled with regret, then you should quit from fear. There is no person who is happy and fulfilled, and that in itself has fear. At some point you will have to make a decision to fix it. To that end, here are a few tips that can help you get rid of this enemy.

1. Identify your fear

You can not oppose what you do not know. Pay attention to your personality and your mind. What really fear? What images do you see in your head? Become aware of your subconscious.

2. Talk to someone

When negative thoughts will occupy your mind, one way to get rid of them is to talk to someone. It can be a therapist, a friend of the trust, your spouse, your children, parents or anyone with whom you feel comfortable. No need to keep the negative energy in themselves. But whenever I talk about it and you’ll be faced with those thoughts, you can get rid of the fear.

3. Be positive

The disadvantage is the seed which bears the fruit of fear. Instead of thinking about how bad things can happen to you, think of how things can be good.

4. Face with your fears

Never run away from your fears. Do not make excuses. Face them with logic and reason. In this way they will disappear forever from your mind. Take some procedures and see that things are not as bad as you think.

Do not let fear stop you in anything!