The basic idea of the diet over time derives from the French doctor Alain Delabosa, who has registered its program in 1986. This program has suffered numerous changes in the world and our center is working on a program adapted from others. Anna Gifing from Belgrade.

The program of chrono diet allows without any effort and in a short time to learn the principles of healthy nutrition, proper selection of groceries and good combinations of different foods that can be applied in any situation, at school, at work, at home, on holiday or travel.


The program does not involve counting calories, measuring foods and determining the amount of food, there are certain lists of eating, nor given recipes. The philosophy of the program is that each person receive knowledge that will be the basis for further living a healthy life.

The three main principles on which the program is based chrono diet:

  1. Creating an alkaline environment in the body  because acidification causes chronic inflammatory and degenerative diseases (cancer, heart attack, diabetes, etc.).
  2. Correct timing of daily meals . Required are three main meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) with a time gap of 4-6 hours between them when you do not need to consume any food. Permitted water intake and herbal teas (no fruit).
  3. Carbohydrate index (GI) . The speed with which a certain food increases the level of blood sugar (glucose), or the application of so-called slow sugars, ie complex carbohydrates in the diet.


It is particularly significant in that all rules can be applied in family and children can too early to focus on the goal of a long and healthy life.

Those suffering from the most common modern diseases of metabolism within 10-30 days can reduce the values of cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar.

The program has certain rules and there are requirements to which you must adhere, and the other restrictions are minimal and easily tolerated.

The advantage of the chrono nutrition program is that it never occurs so-called “yo-yo” effect (loss – recover weight), and metabolic disorders permanently resolved.

The results show a 100% success for all those who have managed to master the basics of physiological processes.

Within our diagnostic center we do all the necessary diagnostic procedures to determine the existing condition and then during the months of consultative examinations and controls follow the result achieved.

Program with team of doctors and nutritionists recommend a particular combination of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and amino acids, according to the results of extremely targeted diagnostic procedures so that these protocols are accelerated performance and enables the durability of the achieved effects.



The first phase of a program of diet, etc. restrictive regime that lasted 28 days, involves no consumption of fast (simple) sugars in the form of sweets, fruit, white / yellow sugar, artificial sweeteners, etc., as well as alcoholic beverages containing a high concentration of alcohol, hard drinks. After conducting a restrictive regime, certain products is gradually included in the diet.

If in a patient find a specific intolerance to a food for a period of 3-6 months is implemented etc. detoxification of the food, and its implementation, slowly, gradually returns this commodity in the diet.

Changing acquired some bad habits and adopting healthy eating habits, as well as mastering the basics of physiology of nutrition will further need to apply permanent in life. And that is the basic principle of chrono nutrition.


This program gives outstanding results in obese, people who suffer from diabetes, and for all people who have elevated fat in the blood or any form of metabolic syndrome. As mentioned would say that people in a very short time and improved all physiological parameters (already in the first 24 hours later than 7 days). In the event that any previously prescribed therapy , the action of these drugs may be potentiated and lead to undesirable effects such as a drop in blood pressure and blood sugar. Blood pressure and sugar then you have to control several times daily, and therapy (which was once and Multi) must be reduced, which is not advisable to make the patient.


With the chrono nutrition program allows quickly, without any effort to learn the principles of healthy eating, and proper selection of foods and a good combination thereof. The program of chrono diet involves consuming food at certain times of the day, three times a day with a distance of 4-6 hours between meals.


The program can be used by people of all ages, especially the program is suitable for children, pregnant women, those who are healthy and have health problems. People who suffer from modern diseases of metabolism, increased fat (cholesterol and triglycerides), high sugar – diabetes. A special group of people are people overweight – obesity or etc. metabolic syndrome. Practically there are nutrition programs for the most common human disease (anemia, high blood pressure – hypertension, diabetes, etc.) As well as special programs for athletes, etc. malnourished.