Porcini mushrooms (Boletus edulis) is a fungus that is eaten, and that grows from May until November, but usually collected just in the autumn days.

This autumn fungus definitely reigns in the autumn gastronomic games. Porcini mushrooms have white-brown and reaches a width of the cap to 30 centimeters thick stalk to 7 centimeters. According to popular belief, it is considered that porcini mushrooms grow just when it rains and when there are strong thunderstorms, and therefore the Japanese since ancient times right through to high volume of drums to stimulate the growth of this fungus.

If you do not have good knowledge, best porcini mushrooms to do not pick themselves, but to buy from a trusted source. When buying make sure the fruit is not damaged, and free peek under the cap. Yellow-brown color under the cap indicates that the fungus is overripe.


Porcini mushrooms is otherwise a huge source of valuable nutrients. And here is why should it fit his autumn menu:

1.Great substitute for meat In a hundred grams of raw porcini mushrooms are only 80 calories, but contain about 7 grams of protein, which is why this particular commodity is recommended for persons who do not eat meat or no food of animal origin. porcini mushrooms possesses excellent taste, which fits in well with a variety of foods, which could breaded and bake, combine eggs, to add to the prayers and to make a delicious soup.

2.Go calms and gives strength to the body porcini mushrooms are rich in thiamine. It’s about vitamin B1 which is extremely important for the normal functioning of the nervous system. Moreover, it contains riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid and little vitamin C which strengthens the entire body.


3.Go prevents fatigue Iron is essential for transport of oxygen in the cells of the body. That is why the lack of this mineral in the body causes fatigue and frequent dizziness. And to prevent this situation, choose foods rich in iron. Among other things, an excellent choice in this case are fungi such as porcini mushrooms, which meets five percent of the daily needs of this important nutrient.

Advice for

porcini mushrooms is best kept in a carton or two days in the refrigerator. Smaller amounts of this product may be frozen, wrapped in plastic film, which also can be heard up to a year, and larger pieces can be naseckaat smaller and stored similarly.