To date it was believed that a devastating earthquake could be centered in the mountain range of the Himalayas, and the biography of a Buddhist monk to change the opinion of scholars.

Under Himalayas “sleep” a whole range of deformation of which some can destroy millions cities in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The new study found that contrary to previous beliefs, the devastating earthquake and shooting we can reach any point of the mountain range, not just at the border lines.


Bhutan, a country which is located on the Himalayas to date there are no records of seismological activity, because the scientists decided to conduct as possible only country which lies entirely in the Himalayas so far not had any earthquake.

While the scientists investigated what happens “under” Bhutan, they accidentally found the biography Buddhist monk and builder of temples Lekpai Tenzin Dhondup. Scientists remain surprised that a biography detailing the strong earthquake that struck Bhutan in May 1714, this year.


Meanwhile, quite another study that was done at the same time found that between 1642 nd to 1836 th year there was a significant vertical displacement of the faults in Bhutan. When the author of the first study, Giorgi Hetenji learned of this, he realized he could not determine the exact epicenter of the earthquake of 1714’s.

Hetenji found that the devastating earthquake had a magnitude of 7.5 to 8.5 on the Richter scale as a consequence of the earthquake opened a new 300 kilometer fault line, thus proving that the Himalayas still prone to earthquakes.