The spinning hoop is not just child’s play. Behind the fun turning hiding fun weakening. Similar┬ájumping rope which he loved in childhood, hulahoop rolling and it has found its way to the modern fitness programs for weight loss and body shaping.

If you wish feminine silhouette, hoop is your true friend. The spinning hulahoop enables targeted shaping the waist and is fast and efficient way of obtaining the desired hourglass figure.



Regular hulahoop spinning a positive effect not only on your body but also on your mind and your spirit. Here are some of the most important benefits:

  • shape abdominal muscles ;
  • an intense cardiovascular activity;
  • improves balance and flexibility;
  • promotes weight loss and burning fat ;
  • improves motor skills;
  • increases endurance and energy;
  • strengthens back ;
  • develop a sense of rhythm;
  • improves posture ;
  • reduces stress ;
  • It increases self-confidence;
  • encourages laughter and a sense of happiness .


Hulahopite in different sizes. If you have a hulahoop from when you were a kid, now it is not suitable for you.

As a rule recognizes that appropriate hulahoop is that when you correct before you is high up between your stomach and chest. Well, stand straight and hold the hoop vertically in front of your feet so that one side touching the floor. If the hulahoop is lower than your belly button, it is small for you.

However, you should know that the bigger the hoop, the slower rotates around your body and you get an easier exercise. Small hoop are more challenging because you have to turn more intensively.


Thin half is a sign of femininity and gives it a special charm and definition of the entire silhouette.The spinning hoop will help you strengthen your stomach and get the desired shape. But before you start turning, stretching and heat the following exercises:

Warm-up exercises


1. Hold the hoop with both hands and lift it over his head. Turn your upper body to the right, then left. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

2.Stand with your legs spread and set the hoop vertically left side as much as possible away from you.Reach up.Repeat on the right side.

3.Stand on one leg and hold the hulahoop behind you so that your hands can be rectified.Then, drop the hoop down until I bend elbows.Again straighten your arms.Repeat this exercise 4 times.



Tips for turning the hoop

Once you warm up, go on-twisting. Here are some tips to easily and effectively turning the hoop:

  1. Prepare yourself. Free up enough space around you to be able to smoothly turn. Place the hoop on the floor and step into the center. Lift with both hands and put it on your waist.
  2. Put one foot ahead of the other. Little bend knees, one leg forward and place the stand in a relaxed natural position.
  3. The movements should be more back and forth than in the round . Many people learning to spin hoop think they need to turn their body with hoop. In fact, the movement should it like to weave back and forth.
  4. Try on which side you naturally turn . If you have trouble turning, try turning on the opposite side. Usually, right-wingers back from right to left and left-handed back. Try to rotate in both directions and you’ll feel more natural to you.