I just adore Saturdays.

There is nothing better than waking up and having nothing on my to do list. Without a doubt, I may have informal breakfast reservations, or a birthday party later that night, or a big day drinking coffee with friend in the center. Perhaps walking in the gallery, in the city park or in a museum, yet it’s all fun stuff.


Than Sunday rolls around and ruins everything. Rather than enjoying in the day of leisure, I’m usually looking at a list like this:

1.Do laundry.
2.Figure out insurance circumstance, despite the fact customer service isn’t open on the weekends.
3.Fight cable bill because how does it go up every month?
4.Buy light bulb. No really, this weekend, do it. Getting ready in a dark bathroom’s not ambiance, it’s creepy.
5.Make meal plan for the week.
6.Give up halfway through making meal plan and buy assorted groceries that maybe go together, maybe don’t.
7.Respond to that email from your cousin about the gift that you don’t want to chip in on, but know you inevitably will.

This implies that I just get one genuine weekend day consistently. As much as I like my job, I additionally cherish energizing—and one day a week just isn’t sufficient for me. However, I did this for quite a long time. Than I thought this is just part of being a grown-up.


That is until I read an article about easing Sunday Scaries that expressed I could essentially move all my Sunday errands to one more day. This is something or other that sounds so straightforward when I write it out now, yet felt really truly groundbreaking when I first heard it.

While I at first opposed the thought since I don`t like changes, I went for it. Furthermore, in the wake of doing it for a few weeks now, I can securely say it’s been a distinct advantage with regards to my weekend satisfaction.

Now, whenever I don’t have plans on Saturday morning, I spend time getting through my list. Because, as it turns out, it usually only takes an hour or two.

Why does it fly by on Saturday when on Sunday it feels like a throughout the day procedure?Because on Saturday I know that the sooner I get it done, the faster I can get to the rest of my weekend.

Also, because you’re working your way through your tasks ahead of schedule, there’s far less internal pressure to get it all done and far more satisfaction waiting for you when you actually do. While I’d never want to suggest that you should do anything in life with the end goal of feeling smug, I will say I’ve felt that way many a time when I hear people complaining on Sunday about how much they still have to do.

Meanwhile, I now get to be the person who wakes up stress-free on Sunday and enjoys the entire day, right up until the very end. Even if  enjoying the entire day just involves me doing absolutely nothing.

On Saturday forget your to do list, just relax, enjoy and spent time for yourself.