Love is a powerful force that can give us a launch among the stars, make us the happiest creatures on the planet, but to us bang loudly on the ground, showing us that life is a romantic fairy tale.

Love relationships often end when a person chooses to cross stitches and direct emotions in another direction.


Unfortunately, we often stick to those with whom we spent a lot of time and do not want to let go of our lives, even though everything around us tells us that they do not deserve our love. We do not want to destroy his memory, forget the nights spent together, to remove thousands of times when we are pronouncing “I love you” with a soul crystal clear … we want to be someone’s past.

Yes, we can try to restore the person who broke us or try to correct the corrupt relationship, but you should always bear in mind that decomposing links as broken glass – better to leave them broken than to hurt trying to correct them.

So, why should immediately cancel the one who has given up on you?


You are solely in the fight to save the relationship, and “tango takes two.” The relationship is a two way street. In it, both sides need to invest love, time and energy to give knowing that they will receive the same in return. If the efforts come only from one side, the relationship is doomed.

He has already set out a new way. They say: “If you want someone release it. If you return, yours, if not, then never was “ . If you see that the person who most of all desire to be with you, not even looking back to ask you, then you know that she has chosen another path. You should do the same.

You will show that you are strong. Quitting often considered a negative trait. But when it comes to love, things are changing. Quitting bond that was torn on one side so that you were strong enough to say “No” to suffering, tears and days spent between four walls wondering where you were wrong.

Because he is not able to see what’s what makes you special and unique. Yes, it is difficult to reconcile with the fact that the one you want does not believe in you and you can not see your value. However, you have to accept it and make space to be able to draw close to someone who sees your qualities. To you need a partner who can restore confidence in the moments when you do not believe in yourself, someone who will cheer you on with every step that you do.

Trust or disappeared or standing on legs. Trust is like a two-sided adhesive tape, which keeps partners together, and when it does not exist, fruitless attempts to restore the link.

For deserve more than what you get. Never, never be satisfied with little. Not destruction your criteria in love. You deserve what you wish for, because only that can truly keep you happy.You deserve someone who will consider you a precious gift and be grateful that you have.


Because somewhere there is another person who will never abandon you. One day you will find someone who will be everything you’ve always wanted to see in a partner. Someone who makes you magical and every day you confidence that there are no mountains too high for you.Someone who will keep on hand when Tony and gives you strength when you are weak. Someone who makes you feel like you’re the strongest and most beloved person in the world.

To learn to love again. Though never completely forget your ex-partner , the cancellation of it is the only way to find new love. A new love when you arrive, you may be scared to not be injured again, but eventually you realize that it’s worth giving a chance once again to make drunk with the magic of love.