There are many cities on the planet that you go to for work, to meet companions, family and sometimes just to explore them. You return to your own particular city with loads of recollections some great and some awful.

You review them for a few days and after that return to your normal routine in your own particular city to which you have a place. Be that as it may, there are a few cities which leave a greater impression and impact on your life; they show you something which you’d never encounter anyplace else. One of those cities is Mumbai!

Here is a rundown of 10 things which make Mumbai what it is: just so wonderful

1.The stunning moving wonder called “locals”


When you are in Mumbai you need to thank the autowalas for taking you wherever you need to abandon much contention (they will automatically switch on the meter even before you settle down with your stuff for the ride). Also, Mumbai’s lifeline – the local trains – are the most ideal approach to reach starting with one corner then onto the next corner of the city in minimum time.

Yes, it looks somewhat terrifying when its your first time on local people yet inevitably, you get used to the pack which pushes you into the prepare furthermore pushes you out of it when the station lands at your goal. You’ve won a fight if you figure out how to get a nice seat. These local people unquestionably show you the estimation of each and every second as you can’t figure out how to miss it if you need to achieve your office/school/college on time. The trains convey 7.2 million suburbanites every day.

2. You can be stylish without making a big hole in your pocket


Ever thought you could purchase a beautiful ensemble for your birthday in just Rs. 300? With several slows down on one single road you have excessively numerous alternatives to pick your most loved bit of garments, packs, footwear and so forth! Mold Street, Hill Road, Colaba Causeway, Linking Road, Chor Bazaar are a portion of the ‘go to’ spots in Mumbai. Not at all like different urban communities, Mumbai allows you to be getting it done without becoming broke.

3. Where Vada Pav beats Mc Donalds


Mumbai is one of those cities that love the street food. From the flavorful visit to the pani puri at the side of the road and obviously the mouth watering and hot Vada Pav is the greatest risk to the favor burgers and pizzas. A sev puri is all you requirement for your 4 p.m. hunger throb and you generally have space in your stomach for several pani puris after each dinner. What’s more, not to overlook, you can never say no to the pav bhaji and bhel puris at the nearby chaat shop. With the slows down and dhaabas that are open throughout the night, you don’t need to stress if you are hungry at 3 in the night. You know you’ll have your own one of a kind tikkiwala to serve you hot and hot talk directly down the street. You can simply count on them!

4. National Park, one of the world’s most visited parks at the center of the city


The Sanjay Gandhi National Park, otherwise called Borivali National Park, is eminent as one of the real national parks existing inside a city restrict and is a standout amongst the most visited parks on the planet with 2 million guests consistently. It is spread over a district of more than 104 sq. kms.

Famous attractions here are the 2,400 years of age Kanheri Caves etched out of the rough precipices, the lion and tiger safari, sailing at the lake and the toy prepare ride. Mumbai is the main city on the planet to have a completely working national park with freely roaming tigers and different carnivores inside city limits.

5. A relatively more secure city that never sleeps and offers an astonishing night life


We require not say that Mumbai never sleeps. Regardless of the possibility that it is 1 in the night, you will in any case get yourself stuck in the traffic. You won’t experience difficulty getting an auto at 11 in the night and the last local to your home will ensure that you get the cheapest ride home. From intimate bars to high class lounges and cultural performances, Mumbai has a wide assortment of alternatives to ensure that you never get bored. With bunches of in vogue bars in and around Bandra, and also in south Mumbai and Colaba, Mumbai’s night life is worth experiencing. People may gripe about the packed open places in Mumbai, yet on a positive side, it is far superior than the disengaged places where ladies are afraid to step out.

6. DDLJ at Maratha Mandir, style and obviously… Bollywood!


Indian film industry is the world’s biggest film industry. Bollywood alone creates more than 1000 films each year. Indians purchase 2.7 billion motion picture tickets every year, the most astounding on the planet! Be that as it may, normal ticket costs are among the most reduced on the planet. The affection for motion pictures is obvious in the city as you see many people who accumulate before the doors of different film-stars just to get a look at their most loved stars. Shahrukh Khan’s Bungalow “Mannat” is one of the vacation destinations amid the “Mumbai Darshan” ride.

Additionally, Mumbai is one of the few cities to keep single screen theaters alive. Maratha Mandir, that has been running Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaenge since 1995, has made a record. With so much event directly in front of you, you may get your own share of glamour in the event that you are at a right place at the ideal time!

7.A Mumbaikar knows how to celebrate a festival – any festival!


Have you been to Mumbai amid Ganesh Utsav? You better be set up to coordinate the energy of local people here amid this ten-days-in length celebration. If not, you better remain inside your home to spare yourself from escaping with a horde of several excited people who are caught up with singing and moving as they advance for Ganesh Visarjan. There are gigantic Ganesha statues everywhere throughout the city with the most celebrated one in Lalbaug.

Diwali, Holi, Janmashtami, Navratri and a great deal more is commended with incredible enthusiasm. All things considered, what harm in finding motivation to celebrate? Each September, Mount Mary Church in Bandra has a festival of Mother Mary’s birthday by delightfully enlivening the statue and sorting out a reasonable close to the congregation. Minara Masjid at Mohammad Ali street is an absolute necessity see locate amid the holy month of Ramzan.

8.A beach to suit your mood


A walk down Marine Drive as you feel the cool wind brushing your hair or your most loved chaat at Juhu Chowpati or a family outing to Aksa beach is exceptional! You have different alternatives to go through a weekend with your friends and family. While Marine Drive gives you an overdose of PDA (Public Display of Affection!), you can even now find your corner some place to enjoy some profound thought or a peacefull time without anyone else’s input.

9.The hub of chances, the quintessential city of dreams


Trying to be an actor, tattoo artist or a cricketer isn’t viewed as a joke here in Mumbai not at all like some other cities. The city allows everybody to dream and afterward helps them to chase it. Around 1.7 million people move to Bombay consistently looking for different chances to become showbiz royalty. It obliges both slum-dogs and millionaires with an open heart.

10.Rains! Do We have to say more?


Marine Drive looks mysterious when it is raining, the climate gets cooler and you clearly get a reason to go out for weekend getaways like Khandala. Just remember to convey an umbrella or a waterproof shell when you move out of the house, or go out and get a lovely soak!