This article was started with a purpose. Science is neglecting to approve mind training games. In the meantime, science is making meditation appear like the answer for practically every performance goal.

The advantages of contemplation range from agony management, to overcoming procrastination, to winning a championships.

On the off chance that you’ve lost confidence in brain training games, then what do you make of meditation?

There are three ways to deal with creating brain performance:

1.Upgrade Brain Power

Skip it. The other two ways are so much better.

2.Remove Obstructions


Beside meditation these are the most common strategies letting your brain to reach it’s natural peak state.

1.Get enough rest. Lack of sleep reduces working memory by 38% among a large group of other psychological obstructions.

2.Practice single-tasking. Multi-tasking intrudes on the neural development in charge of long haul taking in furthermore keeps you from getting into a stream state.

3.Remove interruptions. Turn off your phone, close your facebook, turn off notifications, close your door.
4.Eat healthy. High or low blood sugar both trip up your cognitive processes.
5.Build habits and routines. These remove cognitive load from your brain so that you can fully harness your cognitive budget.

3.Add skills and strategies

1.Note your hidden biases. These are patterns that produce bad results. Buster Benson has the definitive Cognitive Bias Cheat Sheet. Remember it.
2.Develop and apply mental models. A model lets you simplify a subject that is too big to fit in your own brain. These are the essence of upgrading your brain by upgrading your software. Start with Gabriel Weinberg’s Useful Mental Models.

3.Make a prioritization habit so that your brain power is going toward what is really important. There’s quite a bit that goes into becoming a prioritization master including estimation, measurement and adherence.

4.Tap into your subconscious for improved creativity. Try this hack for loading hard problems into your subconscious and then capturing them in your everyday journal.

5.Learn. Always Be Learning. That’s the fundamental performance upgrade and we are amazingly lucky to have brains that are meant for learning.