“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or we can rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.” That is a powerful explanation from Abraham Lincoln that illustrates both the power and the problem with point of view.

We all have one of a kind ways of looking at things in life and in business, and each provides a stream of experience in which we operate. But how can you optimize your perspective to re-imagine what is possible and to ultimately saddle it for entrepreneurial success?

Here are four ways you can rewire your viewpoint to better approach situations and to make what sometimes seems insurmountable much more fair and attainable.

1. Perspective when interpreting your position


Think of the last time you were driving in a large city. As you drove along the road,you concentrated on the prompt environment. You saw the signs in front of you, the lights overhead and the lines on the road. You heard the cars beside you, the people talking outside your window and the vibrant buzz of the city.

Even though you were in the middle of a sprawling urban environment, with thousands of individuals from varying backgrounds living and working in hundreds of building sprouting from the web of avenues and back streets, you were ultimately only concerned with the road you were on at that moment. Your focused the immediate environment as if you were driving down any other road in a small town.

A similar point of view should be used when thinking of your position in the market or your position in the maturity of your business. Don’t be overwhelmed with the enormity of the industry or the size and maturity of your competitors. Understand that you can’t get caught up in the burden of scale. Keep your perspective, and keep driving toward your goal.

2. Perspective when viewing and interacting with your community

Again and again entrepreneurs produce content for the masses without thinking about the personal side of the transaction. While there is nothing wrong with the goal of reaching thousands of people, you need to ensure you do certain things to shape an additionally enduring association with the individuals who may go over your content.

Specifically, you should always craft content that speaks to that single person sitting on the other side of the screen. Think to yourself how they might interact with your website. What data are they seeking by reading through your content? Address their needs and requirements instead of simply publishing content for content’s sake. Speak directly to them by using the word “you” instead of “we” or other generalities.
In addition, remember the individual consuming your content is a human being just like you. They have stresses and obligations. They have families and jobs, as well as desires and dreams. Treat those who you are fortunate enough to interact with online as individuals, each providing value in their own unique way.

3. Perspective when managing your operations


Artists and architects lean heavily on perspective to make objects fit together properly to create masterpieces of art and function. Without the orderly alignment of objects, chaos would ensue.

Your way to deal with business operations is the same. Regardless of the possibility that you don’t completely comprehend the complexities the majority of the moving parts of your business, despite everything you need a general handle of the ideas and segments making everything happen.

Likewise, with the number of plates spinning in the air, you need to understand priority and embrace delegation. Far too many entrepreneurs fall into the trap of losing track of all of their tasks and refusing to delegate to others. Use perspective to understand how your business operates and how you might improve efficiency by distributing work.

4. Perspective when looking at the big picture

You are a passionate entrepreneur with dreams of exceeding even your wildest expectations. Popularity, wealth and notoriety may be your goal, but perspective demands you look elsewhere for true fulfillment in life. As you spend the long arduous hours in front of the keyboard, don’t forget the unsung heroes in your life providing you support along the way.

Your family always should by your top priority. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs find the most satisfaction in the fact that they are a successful parent first. Don’t get so caught up in the hustle that you forget what truly matters. Take a break, and help your kids with their homework. Leave work to attend their school play. Even better, engage with them, and share your journey. Then sit back and soak in the unfiltered feedback you’re sure to receive.

Following these methods will allow you to move forward in your business with a mindset adjusted and refined for the uncertain, and often frustrating, aspects of entrepreneurship. Any strategic advantage you can gain now should be welcomed with open arms and adopted as soon as possible, at least from my perspective.