You have come across with an chance of a lifetime and you have to make a choice. This decision is not easy and involves you to change your life completely or get out of your comfort zone or start everything from scratch. Therefore, part of you wants to go for it but your other part is holding you back.

In this case, this is what you should do.

1. Stay away from negative people

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Do not let your family, friends, coworkers or others bring down your confidence by saying that you are not good enough. If they are not going to give you constructive feedback, then, don’t share your ideas with them.

If a voice inside your head is talking to you saying you cannot do it, then, this means you are finding excuses to yourself for not starting up. Stop finding excuses! Don’t forget that starting something is half of finishing it. If you don’t start now, you will always regret it later. Also, even if you fail, you can always look back and say that at least you’ve tried it.

2. Ignore jealous people

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Usually, it is all about them and not you! People are trying to hold you back because they are afraid that you will achieve something greater than them. You will get out of the usual and ordinary that everyone is accustomed to doing.

You will start something different. T, don’t So, do not let others drag you down. I am sure if they have been given the chance, they would do the same and change their lives completely. They are simply not that strong as you are and cannot find that courage within themselves.

3. Don’t fear

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Alright, everything is not going to be impeccable once you begin your new life. There will be good and bad times. In any case, you can’t keep yourself down expecting that things won’t go the way they are arranged.

Living along these lines will make you miss astonishing open doors. Show a little more courage and take the first step to start your new life.

4. Waiting for the perfect time

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There is no such thing as “perfect time.” Now is the ideal time. Something else, your fervor will decrease after some time and it will be past the point of no return. Likewise, you will never be 100% prepared. Simply begin and you will enhance after some time. You can simply entire the things that are missing along the way.