As humans, we always want and more, be more and be more successful. What we miss is our incredible ability to rapidly manifest what we desire.

As someone who helps entrepreneurs reach the next level of success in their businesses, teaching them what are the proper strategies is extremely important. The individuals, who make the biggest impacts, have, the “high performance mindset.”

This is what you need to do.

1. Get crystal clear on what you want


Many people never achieve what they want just because they are never completely sure on what they actually want. In order to rapidly manifest your desires, you need to get clear on precisely what it is that you want. I’m not discussing wide objective setting here. I’m talking about being crystal clear on every detail associated with what you want.

Ask yourself at this moment: Once you a what achieve what you desire, what will it specifically look like in your life? What will it feel like? How will it change your lifestyle? How will it affect the decisions you make? Be as specific as possible here.

2. Write what you want into existence


This may seem like a lot of hard work, but for sure, it is worth your while.

Sit and write out exactly what you want to achieve. The key with this is simple but however powerful: You need to write out exactly what you want as if it has already happened. The story behind this is simple: Your unconscious mind does not know the difference behind dreams and realities. So, the faster than you can convince your subconscious that the desired result has already happened, the faster it will show up in your reality.

Answering the following phrase helps: “I am so happy and grateful that _____.”

For instance, if the objective is to have an extra $5,000 you would write, “I am so happy and grateful that I have received an extra $5,000.”

3. Quit worrying about the “how”


This is very important. Step No. 3 is the step that will make or break your manifestation. You need to let go of “how” what you want will manifest. If you don’t, you won’t create the space for what you want to appear in your life.

We are naturally wired to plan and want everything to happen specifically to that plan; however, this limits everything to flow and click into your life.

The key is to focus on the end result, and be open to how it will happen, rather than needing it to manifest in a specific way.

4. Create a massive emotional connection


Every high performer knows and understands that the event with the highest emotional charge is what will show up in your life. You need to be tapping into an emotional peak state whenever you are thinking about what you desire to manifest.

When you are writing out your reality of exactly what you want, allow yourself to tap into the feeling associated with achieving or receiving what you desire. See how good it feels. Double that feeling. Make a conscious effort to tap into that feeling as regularly as possible throughout the day.

Ensure that you are not consumed with negative thoughts and emotions during the day, otherwise, you will simply manifest more of them.

5. Obsess over it daily


This last step is the key step. Once you are crystal clear about what you want, you are writing it into existence. You have to let go of how it is going to happen, and you have to develop a strong emotional connection. You need to obsess about what you want daily. Connecting emotionally with what you want to achieve once a day isn’t going to cut it. You need to connect emotionally at least once an hour, during waking hours.

A great way to do this is to set an alarm for every hour that you are awake, and allow yourself to tap into the emotion of having already received what you desire. Then allow everything you desire to naturally show up in your life with ease.

Some of the insights here may seem rather unusual, but if you give them a try, I’m promise you that you’ll see great results. Remember, having a high performance mindset simply takes time and consistency. I encourage you to try it for 30 days and see where it takes you. You’re going to like the results.