Moving abroad is a whole different experience and something that is teaching you, not only about a different country, but a mostly about yourself.

You Are Exposed To A New Lifestyle


Moving anyplace far from your home makes a blend of fervor and dread. My past traveling experiences gave me some belief about what to expect but I was excited and challenged in ways I never even thought about.

When you live in the comfort of your country, living around the general population you’ve known all your life, you can some of the time be stuck and never truly acknowledge it. Moving abroad indicated me exactly how stuck in life I was and opened my eyes to a greater picture. Adjusting to another way of life demonstrated to me an alternate side to life.

You Get To Fully Embrace A New Culture


The way of life can be different from your own regardless of the possibility that it doesn’t appear like it all things considered. The Norwegian culture is deep-rooted in nature, its dialect and its attitude. When I moved to this nation full  with lovely fjords, mountains and lakes, with the chance to see the stunning Northern Lights at whatever point I ventured out of my front entryway, it wasn’t only the sheer normal ponder of the nation yet the route in which Norwegians grasp it and make it a characteristic piece of their lives.

Taking in another culture adds an alternate dimension to you, it permits you to be more open and tolerating of how other individuals do things and it gives you a chance to see a  different side to life. I spent more energy in nature than I ever had some time recently, I had some food I’d never known about and I took on their customs, their manners and their language. It’s not until you live in another country that your ideas methods for doing things and viewpoints can truly change.

You Learn More About Yourself


I learned a lot about myself from traveling  yet when you step to move to another country, you grow completely your capacity to adjust and grasp new things. Traveling is just temporary yet your decision to stay put in a place a long way from home and building up your own particular manner of living adds to your character. It gives us a chance to see what we are equipped for doing which which can’t always be apparent when we live our normal daily lives, at home in our comfort zones.

You Gain A Sense Of Accomplishment


There are lots of things we can do to get a sense of accomplishment but moving abroad and all that it entails was the biggest achievement of all for me. It took me so far out of my comfort zone with all the fears and ‘what ifs’ that come with it and I survived. It showed me that I am capable to control and change my circumstances – I can make life happen despite the challenges, the fears and the expectations. Challenges allow us to flourish and the challenge of moving abroad not only allows us to see a diversely different country, but it creates opportunities for accomplishments on all levels.

Every time we overcome obstacles we become a little bit stronger, a little bit more confident in our own abilities and we see the full extent of what we’re able to do. Learning a new language was a huge challenge for me and although I don’t speak it that well, I’m proud that I can understand and speak a completely different language at all.

It Helped You Develop A Positive Mindset


Many countries have different collective mindsets developed through their history, culture and way of life and it can sometimes be very different from your own.  The Norwegian mindset taught me a lot and lead me to question my own values and how I truly look at myself and live my life.

Norway may be a rich country but the Norwegian culture has been carved out of a history of survival; living in difficult, isolated landscape and working hard to live in these extreme conditions with little money. In Norway, gender equality is high as well as societal equality. It’s no surprise that it’s been voted one of the best places to live in for the last decade.

Why Moving Abroad Is A Positive Step


No matter which country you choose to move to, I believe they will all have an aspect of their culture and their own perspectives that can teach you more about your way of living and thinking. Living in a different country infiltrates your thoughts, ideas and beliefs for the better and for me, it made me more confident, humble and accepting of the people around me .

If anyone is contemplating living abroad then I couldn’t recommend anything more. You will learn more about yourself than you ever have before and realize your potential and ability to adapt and embrace through your new environment. Living abroad may not be for everyone, and I was lucky enough to have the opportunity, but I believe the experience will create an insightful and wonderful part of you and I truly believe if we all spent a significant time immersed in a foreign culture the world would be a much better place.