Getting more done in less time is a genius thing. You just need to do this three things:

1. Obligation scheduling


You can’t just make a plan in your mind to get things done. Just write on your calendar what you are going to do and when you are going to do it. You must make an appointment with yourself and keep it as if it were a dinner with your top client.

Often we schedule with the mindset of what we want to accomplish rather than what we must accomplish. If we do that our minds see the events as optional rather than mandatory. By shifting to an obligation frame of mind, you give weight to the tasks and that creates greater necessity.

2. Effective efficiency

Efficiency is to do the best job possible in less time. First, you need to know how long that task will take. Second, you need to determine if you can reduce that time without losing the quality.

A colleague of mine, David, struggled with servicing current clients and reaching new ones. “I just don’t have enough time to work personally with everyone.”


We did some math. His average client visit was one hour. I asked if he could be just as effective in 40 minutes. He said he could. What about 40 minutes? He said yes to that as well. What about 35 minutes? He didn’t feel that would work. We settled on 40 minutes and he freed 80 minutes each day.

It`s not the point to just schedule, you need to be precise about the time the tasks actually take. Keep track of how long certain actions take and work toward reducing the time without losing the quality.

3. Present focus



The biggest enemy of productivity is distraction. The ability to stay focused seems almost impossible in today’s world. You might schedule efficiently and still lose because your mind drifts or call or an email distract you. Staying in  the present will increase your productivity.

Here are two thing that you should be doing:


First, eliminate anything that is not related to the task. If your phone, or internet or people are not essential to task, then turn them off.

Second, if you have short attention span, then get an egg timer and set it for four or five minutes as a reminder to stay on point.

Personal productivity doesn’t require 15 experts. It just requires that you focus on what you should be doing, when you should be doing it without having an excuse.