You practice frequently, count the calories, but your exertion appears to give no results. Have you ever contemplated the sustenance you eat after each workout, and how can food influence your body line?

After each workout your exhausted body requires food that you should strictly avoid. Try not to “reward” yourself for the hard workout, on the grounds that by doing as such you will execute each chance to lose some additional pounds.

We have listed a portion of the foods you ought to avoid in the wake of working out.



It is important to eat foods rich in fiber, not sugars. Eat more nuts or oats, rather than going after a puff cake.

Energy Bars

These are the ideal snacks before the workout, in light of the fact that their high sugar content supports your vitality. But, energy bars don’t give the same impact after the workout. If you eat a energy bar subsequent to working out, you will just moderate your digestion system and feel drowsy.

Fresh Vegetables

Vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals and low in calories, however that is insufficient for your body, particularly after a hard workout. You ought to better drink some yogurt as opposed to having some crisp plate of mixed greens.


It is super-delicious, but you should never eat cheddar after any hard workout, on the grounds that a solitary medium-sized cut will bring back the fat you smoldered. Then again, mozzarella is an incredible decision, since it is low in fat.

Scrambled eggs

As a rule, eggs are an extraordinary and health food decision after each workout, since they are rich in protein. In any case, recollect that, you ought to eat boiled eggs, not scrambled.


French fries

Fat, starch and some protein is all that you can get after you eat a segment of French fries after your workout.


Fresh juices

Natural juices are healthy, but they are not the best choice if you don’t have a clue about their substance. Rather than having a glass of juice, blend some fruit and milk or green tea.

Processed meat

Fatty foods hinder digestion, which is bad for your tired body. Processed meat contains salt and fats that can hurt your heart. Chicken or turkey bosom consolidated with some green plate of mixed greens, tomato and mustard is something you should to eat after any hard workout.