Doing things alone can be immensely therapeutic: A solo meal can help you really appreciate food; a solitary walk can be a rare opportunity to think; and traveling by yourself can be an incredible opportunity for self-discovery and personal growth.

Prague, Czech Republic


You may not find out about Prague as often as, say, London or Paris, yet this little European jewel is entirely of idiosyncrasies (like these strange public sculptures). Prague likewise brags a portion of the best lager in Europe and a casual drinking society, so try out its extensive variety of bars.

Contrasted with its neighbors, this fairytale city is additionally generally modest, a noteworthy going in addition to. The metro and cable car framework is anything but difficult to utilize, however stops running at midnight. To the extent things to do, the history is unending: try to visit the Lennon Wall and do some touring in the Castle District, where the people-watching is almost as good as the views.

Madrid, Spain


Spain’s capital city is frequently neglected for gathering party-packed Barcelona, however going in Madrid will give you a similarly legitimate yet marginally less touristy experience. Loaded with amazing city squares and recorded engineering, the city is likewise a diversion center point, known for its music and incredibly delicious food — from Valencia’s paella to Catalan cooking and customary Spanish tapas.

Spain genuinely awakens when the sun goes down, and the city is entirely protected around evening time; simply be aware of petty theft. In the Spanish custom, have a late supper and afterward investigate the lively nightlife.

Dublin, Ireland


Dublin is a clamoring, well disposed city with a rich history. There’s bounty for a wide range of voyagers to do and see, from chronicled locales to nightlife. Purchase a ticket for the Little Museum of Dublin ahead of time or hop on a walking tour of Trinity College, and try to hit the Guinness Storehouse (and its provocative housetop bar). What’s more, before you ask: Yes, Guinness really does taste better in Ireland.

Temple Bar is the city’s stimulation center. Stacked with restaurants, bars, music, and street entertainers, its restricted cobblestone streets are brimming with character. Somewhat touristy, no doubt, however the range likewise has a super-inviting, jolly environment, and it’s simple for the performance swashbuckler to make a couple of companions.

The city itself is exceptionally compact, and it’s entirely simple to get around by walking. If time grants, escape the city for a day and take a transport visit to see the dazzling Cliffs of Moher.

Nashville, Tennessee


We’ve been craving Nashville, since, well, the debut of Nashville. Notwithstanding being the capital of Tennessee, the city is additionally the capital of down home music. Downtown Nashville is brimming with honky-tonk bars and venues where you can get live shows — consequently its nickname, Music City. Genuine country-music buffs should make a point of seeing both the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Johnny Cash Museum. Meanwhile, foodies will appreciate sampling Southern comfort favorites like hot chicken and some of the world’s finest grill.

Surveyed as the friendliest city in America, Nashville is especially appropriate to a voyaging gathering of one. In addition, there are free transports that work on two routes in the downtown area.

Copenhagen, Denmark


Situated on the coast of Denmark, Copenhagen is one of the most secure capital urban areas in Europe. It brags low wrongdoing rates, and it’s anything but difficult to love the Danish lifestyle because of the nation’s inviting social cultural attitude known as Hygge (affirmed “Hooga”). The nearest interpretation is “comfort,” yet it essentially implies making a situation of warmth and cordiality.

Plan your visit in the summer, when the weather is better and the days are longer — with up to 18 hours of sunlight. Explore the colorful Nyhavn Harbour, known for its restaurants, postcard-perfect buildings, and sidewalk trampolines. Cross the canal by harbor bus to Papirøen (Paper Island) and try some of Copenhagen’s famous street food.

Getting around this compact city is a breeze. Purchase a Copenhagen Card to use on the metro, transports, and water transports; it will likewise get you free admission to 73 historical centers. Also, Denmark is extremely bike-friendly, with bike paths situated all through the city, making it perfect for solo explorers.

London, England


While there’s nothing wrong with hitting the significant historic points, there’s quite a lot more to London than just Westminster. Exploit the city’s numerous one of a kind and multicultural precincts: Take in some West End theater, appreciate the sun on Hampstead Heath in North London, and hit neighborhoods like Hoxton and Spitalfields in East London for a more youthful, cooler scene. Go vintage shopping and swap fish sticks and french fries for fantastic curry on Brick Lane.

Despite the fact that it’s considered as a costly city, it is conceivable to do London on a financial plan. There are plenty of beautiful parks and gardens, and most museums are free. Bike sharing stations are all over the place. The Underground will go anyplace you have to go, and it’s amazingly spotless and protected, even during the evening.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


While Amsterdam is to a great extent known for its indecencies (authorized prostitution and drugs among them), the city is very safe for solo voyagers. TripAdvisor records it as one of the 25 most secure urban areas on the planet, and its dynamic nightlife really implies you’ll once in a while get yourself alone on a road during the evening.

The city’s numerous exhibition halls and cafes are additionally perfect for those voyaging alone. You can investigate effectively by foot or bicycle — or even maze-like — and lose all sense of direction in the labyrinth like, beautiful boulevards. Pop into one of the city’s road markets, including the world’s lone coasting blossom market. Purchase an I Amsterdam City Card to get free or marked down admission to a number of the city’s best-known locales, similar to the Anne Frank House and Van Gogh Museum.

Bergen, Norway


Scandinavian nations are for the most part protected, and their subjects have a tendency to be exceedingly friendly — which is the reason they are an awesome choice for solo voyagers. Keeping in mind Iceland has turned into a mainstream goal as of late, don’t ignore Norway, its neighbor toward the east. Bergen, the country’s second-biggest city, is the ideal spot to do some urban investigating before going further abroad to encounter the fjords. Also, you may even catch a look at the Northern Lights.

While in town, you’ll definitely want to visit the Bryggen, a UNESCO World Heritage site of picturesque buildings by the city’s wharf. Don’t miss the nearby fish market, where you can grab a bite from one of the street carts (including whale steak, should you feel brave enough). Once you’ve had your fill of wandering, hop on a funicular to experience sweeping views of the city.