In these 6 shocking vistas let us know anything, it’s that America’s magnificence is a fierce kind. There are the alien landscapes of Arches and Canyonlands National Parks and the trickling glacial promontories of Denali and Glacier National Park.

Legends, as well, educate these grounds, from Dead Horse Point’s cowboy past to the cliff-side Puebloan abodes places of Mesa Verde. That is to say nothing of the swooping peregrine falcons, grand moose, and gigantic Californian redwoods that call these parks home. Look at our picks for the 6 most stunning vistas in America’s National Parks—however these are just a bit of the marvels you’ll discover when you really visit.


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The Grand Canyon astounds with its statistics—clocking at an average width of 10 miles and depth of 1 mile, combined with a length of 277 river miles—however nothing compares to the view itself. Year-round open air experiences call, such as biking, boating, camping, fishing, hiking, mule riding, white-water rafting, cross-country skiing, and that’s just the beginning. However, stop to take in the surreal vistas including the wonderful sunsets and sunrises at Point Sublime and Yavapai Point; waterfalls, streams, and rivers; and sandstone canyon walls compared with velvet green forests and jutting mesas, levels, and volcanic features.


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With miles of mountains and verdant wild, it’s no big surprise this positions as the most-visited national park in the U.S. Investigate the many historic structures in Cades Cove, whose history is as rich as the Smokies’ wealth of natural life. For lunch, picnic at Chimneys while the children wade in the rocky streams. “Bald” mountains lack trees on top, making for fabulous unobstructed perspectives in the midst a high-elevation meadow—Great Smoky Mountains National Park has plenty.


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The hoodoos for which Bryce Canyon is known—fairy like, rain-sclupted spires of rock that project from the barren wilderness—best capture what makes the recreation center so magical. At sunrise and sunset, light plays off the red rock to captivating effect. At the point when sunset, the Night Sky Program shepherds explorers through the sky as it lights up with three times the same number of stars as city-folk witness. Fairytale flora and fauna populate the recreation center, whose rise tops out around 9,000 feet. Look out for peregrine falcons soaring at speeds close to 200 mph through the crimson and orange sandstone amphitheaters.


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Revolving around the snow-capped Olympic Mountains is this remote, enchanted gem of Pacific Northwestern beauty. Coastal boulders sculpted by waves top hot springs and tidal pools teeming with ocean life, while pine trees crown foggy ocean stacks. Get a panoramic perspective of everything from the 5,200-foot-high Hurricane Ridge, which encompasses the Olympic range, the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and Vancouver Island.Bring a raincoat: the region gets 140 inches or more for every year. Enjoy the precipitation in the lush Hoh River Rain Forest, where elk peer from beneath mossy maples upwards of 200 feet high.


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Legend has it that cowboys rustlers once drove wild mustangs onto Dead Horse Point—a little peninsula overlooking the Colorado River 2,000 feet below—and pen them here with a brush fence, where some were forgotten and left to die. The mesa’s binds to the wild west, joined with astounding perspectives of pinnacles and buttes carved by the river, make this an must-visit. Sleep under the stars at Kayenta campground, which has 21 camping areas—we can’t promise you won’t be haunted by ghosts of wild mustangs, however.


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At Yellowstone, the combination of rugged wilderness, natural beauty, majestic peaks, and vibrant wildlife make it obvious why this is an American rite of passage. Geysers like Old Faithful (which can be viewed from the Old Faithful Inn, mudpots, fumaroles, and hot springs are the dazzling manifests of the park’s magma-filled underbelly. Stampeding bison in the Lamar Valley will stoke your heart rate; calm it with a glass of wine and an elegant meal at the Lake Yellowstone Hotel Dining Room.