What do you say to somebody who’s depressed? Very often, we say the wrong thing.

Individuals still have such a shady thought of what emotional sickness is. Once in a while people will say, ‘Goodness, you’re depressed? Definitely, I’ve been depressed  and you understand only the way they say it that, no, it’s not exactly the same thing. It’s not only that I’m feeling miserable.

I’m here for you

What to say: You’re not the only one in this.

What NOT to say: There’s probably a lot  more people awful than you are.

Give me a chance to offer assistance

What to say: Do you need an embrace?

What NOT to say: Quit feeling sorry about yourself.

Depression is genuine

What to say: You are not going insane.

What NOT to say: So you’re depressed. Aren’t you generally?

There is hope


What to say: We are not on this planet to see through each other, yet to see each other through.

What NOT to say: Do whatever it takes not to be so depressed.

You can survive this

What to say: When this is over, despite everything i’ll be here and so will you.

What NOT to say: It’s your own deficiency.

I’ll do my best to understand

What to say: I can’t generally understand what you are feeling, however I can offer my empathy.

What NOT to say: Trust me, I know how you feel. I was depressed once for a few days.

You won’t push me away

What to say: I’m not going to abandon you or forsake you.

What NOT to say: I think your depression is a method of punishing us.

I think about you

What to say: I love you. (Let’s assume this only if you mean it.)

What NOT to say: Haven’t you become sick of this “me, me, me” stuff yet?

We’ll get past this together

What to say: I’m sad that you’re in so much pain. I am not going to abandon you. I am going to deal with myself, so you don’t have to stress that your pain may hurt me.

What NOT to say: Have you attempted chamomile tea?

And best things you can say: 

“Take pride in your little triumphs, since little triumphs lead to greater ones.

“Take as much time as necessary, nobody is hurrying you to feel better.”

“Regardless of the fact that it doesn’t appear that way at this moment, this feeling won’t last forever.”